Venue/Local info

Natal, the Sun’s Bride, is the most pleasant and beautiful logical research center in Brazil — probably also the best.  In fact, logic is a major research area in three different departments at UFRN: Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy.
Natal has always been an island of tranquility in Brazil: the sunny beaches, sand dunes, year-round nice weather, and historical monuments attract tourists from all around the world.  It is the Brazilian state capital which is closest to Europe (a 6.5-hour direct flight from Lisbon with TAP).
As a very touristic town, it boasts many hotels, restaurants and every kind of tourism-related business.  Moreover, the natalenses have a very warm way of treating visitors.
Come check it for yourself!
Visa Requirements

Nationals from some countries need neither a tourist visa nor a business visa to enter Brazil. The list of exempted countries may change without prior notice and it’s important to check with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate whose jurisdiction you live in whether your country is really exempted. For those who need a visa, there is a special category for attendees of scientific meetings (VITUR), where a letter of invitation is needed. The organisation of the event will provide the required letters upon registration, in case you need them to apply for visas.
New Visa Rules for American, Australian, Canadian, and Japanese Travelers
Before the Summer Olympics in 2016, Brazil temporarily waived visa requirements for U.S. travelers to make it easier for them to get to the South American country. Resulting from that rise in tourism, Brazil then created an e-visa program in January 2018 that let U.S. citizens. Now, the Brazilian government has completely cancelled the visa requirement for American travelers. Starting June 17, 2019, citizens from Canada, Australia, Japan, and the U.S. can visit Brazil for up to 90 days without a visa.

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