Venue/Local info

Natal, the Sun’s Bride, is the most pleasant and beautiful logical research center in Brazil — probably also the best.  In fact, logic is a major research area in three different departments at UFRN: Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy.
Natal has always been an island of tranquility in Brazil: the sunny beaches, sand dunes, year-round nice weather, and historical monuments attract tourists from all around the world.  It is the Brazilian state capital which is closest to Europe (a 6.5-hour direct flight from Lisbon with TAP).
As a very touristic town, it boasts many hotels, restaurants and every kind of tourism-related business.  Moreover, the natalenses have a very warm way of treating visitors.
Come check it for yourself!
Accessibility and transportation
Natal is served by an international airport with a direct flight from Lisbon and all the Brazilian state capitals, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Recife, among other places which are easily accessible directly from other continents and from other countries in the Americas.

The airport is 50 minutes away from the Ponta Negra, where the hotels are.

From the airport, it is possible to get a taxi (the fare is around R$100) or to hire a transfer service. Some such services, such as 24 Horas Turismo and Natal Transfer (R$40 for the trip to your hotel in a shared van), are available right where you leave the luggage area. Some hotels also offer the pick-up service.
The conference venue
CADE and the workshops will take place at Praiamar Hotel (see bellow for reservation details). The tutorials will be held at UFRN.
Getting around in the city

Taxi: A trip from Ponta Negra to the campus costs between R$16 and R$20, during the day and around R$30 during the night or weekends. Some popular apps for calling taxis in Natal are 99 and UBER .
Renting a car: There are many companies both at the airport and at Ponta Negra.
Bus: The city bus fare is R$3.65. The campus is easily accessible from Ponta Negra, where some buses go directly to campus. Here are some possible routes:

  • From Ponta Negra, directly: the bus 66 stops at class sector II; the bus 54A stops at the Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia; the bus “Circular Cidade Verde II” or “Circular Ponta Negra – Abel Cabral” stop also at the Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia (be mindful that not all of them do, check that it has a “UFRN” sign on the front or ask the driver). This stop is at walkable distance to the Amphitheaters (and the other areas at which the event will take place).
  • From Ponta Negra, taking the university’s “circular” bus: the bus 73 and the bus 26 stop at a mall called Via Direta and the bus 54 and the bus 46 stop a short distance from the mall. Both stops are close to where you get the “circular” bus (there will soon be an accurate map here of how to get there). This bus is free of charge.
  • The “circular” stops at the main points in the campus. If getting the “direto” route, get off at the “Reitoria” (most people will get off here) and walk to the Amphitheaters (walk straight uphill, then turn right when the road turns). If taking the “inverso” route, get off at the Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia.
  • From the north part of town, taking the “circular” bus: get off at the mall called Natal Shopping and walk across the overpass, then go to the “circular stop”.

The official hotel of the conference will be the Praiamar Hotel. There will be special rates for the participants of the conference: R$ 233,00 single, R$ 251,00 double (per night). In order to profit from these rates, please send an e-mail to with the following data:

Conference: CADE-27
Dates of accommodation:
Type of room: SGL/DBL

There are many, many other places to stay in Ponta Negra. Some suggestions are:

– Hostels
– Inns
– Flats
– Hotels
– Resorts

There are other options for all tastes and budgets. We always recommend reserving reasonably in advance, and checking the best offers through, e.g., or AirB&B.

Restaurants and nightlife

Natal is a very lively city, with many restaurants and bars for all tastes and budgets. In our opinion, the ones you cannot miss are:

There are also several food trucks along the coast, for cheerful and not expensive excellent food and drinks!

Visa Requirements

Nationals from some countries need neither a tourist visa nor a business visa to enter Brazil. The list of exempted countries may change without prior notice and it’s important to check with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate whose jurisdiction you live in whether your country is really exempted. For those who need a visa, there is a special category for attendees of scientific meetings (VITUR), where a letter of invitation is needed. The organisation of the event will provide the required letters upon registration, in case you need them to apply for visas.
New Visa Rules for American, Australian, Canadian, and Japanese Travelers
Before the Summer Olympics in 2016, Brazil temporarily waived visa requirements for U.S. travelers to make it easier for them to get to the South American country. Resulting from that rise in tourism, Brazil then created an e-visa program in January 2018 that let U.S. citizens. Now, the Brazilian government has completely cancelled the visa requirement for American travelers. Starting June 17, 2019, citizens from Canada, Australia, Japan, and the U.S. can visit Brazil for up to 90 days without a visa.

If you have any doubts or inquiries, please write us an e-mail to: